About us

The world of work is changing faster than ever before. Some job profiles are disappearing and others are being created. These developments challenge not only companies and our society, but each and every one of us.

In today’s world, it hardly works to develop the one master plan for a successful career and a happy life. More promising are a mindset like a startup and tools that help us adapt to the changing environment and design our path to the future.

Design Thinking, an innovation approach developed by Stanford University, has helped many companies successfully build their future.

At MY WORK LIFE DESIGN, we want to make this knowledge available to individuals, enabling them to design their professional future.

Our approach

We use principles and methods of the proven innovation approach Design Thinking and combine them with classic methods of career diagnostics and counseling. This enables us to identify the “right” problem in a short period of time and to develop solutions that can be put into practice immediately.

In our consultations and training, we follow the proven DESIGNING YOUR WORK LIFE process. However, we always tailor the approach and selection of methods to the individual needs of our client.

Designing your work life process

Source: Own representation, based on Bill Burnett & Dave Evans "Designing your life".
  • SET THE FRAME: Define starting point and objective.
  • EMPATHIZE: Build empathy to better understand your goals, strengths, needs and values.
  • DEFINE: Define point of view and decide for which issues, solutions will be developed.
  • IDEATE: Develop ideas for solutions to the previously defined issues.
  • PROTOTYPE: Develop ideas for prototypes of the solutions that can immediately be put into practice.
  • REFLECT: Put prototypes into practice, test them and reflect on learning.

Our values

  • Action-oriented: We enable our clients to move quickly from thinking to acting. To do this, we analyze as much as necessary, but as little as possible.
  • Collaborative: Our clients are the experts for their lives. We are the experts for the process. It is in collaboration that value is being created.
  • Scientifically based: We work with scientifically proven methods from Stanford and St. Gallen Universities in the fields of design thinking, life design, positive psychology as well as established scientific methods of career diagnostics and counseling.

Claudia Scherrer

Work Life & Career Designer | Founder

Claudia loves people and their unique stories. She is driven by the joy of unlocking people’s potential.

After more than 10 years of applying Design Thinking in the context of innovation and transformation consulting, Claudia wants to make her knowledge and experience available to individuals. She is a certified Designing-your-Life Coach (after Bill Burnett & Dave Evans from Stanford University), holds a Master’s degree from the University of Zurich and has completed various further trainings in the field of career counseling and Design Thinking.

During her career, Claudia has worked with around 300 people in a variety of professional positions, industries and disciplines. These experiences provide a lot of inspiration for her daily work. Together with profound methodological knowledge, empathy, curiosity and an eye for the essentials, she enables her clients to design their professional future.

Claudia works with a network of partners, including experts in positive psychology, design thinkers and visual storytellers.

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